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Authentication of Everything (AOE)


One Trillion Devices are coming on line in the next decade - including us. The Internet of Things (IOT), an entire fabric of compute and intelligence, will surround us. Wearable biometrics will constantly monitor us. Every consumable will radiate identity and status. So will every person. The FDA has just approved algorithms to predict sudden death, and other AI based technology will monitor and care for life. This fabric provides a unique opportunity to authenticate and secure and store information. In a 2015 patent application, CTGi/Kane proposed a signature comprised of the unique cloud of personal identity - the radiated information in and around us. Already your unique environmental radiation signature identifies you more readily than two factor authentication - essentially you are defined by what's around you, what you carry, what's implanted, how your heart beats, what devices radiate in your home, car or office, where you are and what you've acquired. We postulate smart data will only make itself available for your use when it senses your unique authenticated environment. Your wardrobe, watch, cell phone, smart contacts, Bluetooth devices, medical monitoring bracelet and personal AI all authenticate who you are, where you are, and what you may access. Our latest client project, TiiQu, further measures what you are capable of. This is the intersection of AI, IOT and Digital Identity - what CTGi coined as Authentication of Everything (R)

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