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Product Sets

Mining Data into Value

Our proven product sets enable you to leverage your data.


OSS Connect® v 3.0

Automate Order Provisioning

An integral part of Coastal Technologies Group’s product suite, OSS Connect® automates the service order process-reducing administrative overhead and speeding the circuit turn up process.

Closing the loop on the entire network management process
From order entry to monitoring to bill auditing, our suite of solutions closes the loop on telecommunications management. The suite is comprised of the integrated products:

Automate the entire order cycle with OSS Connect®
With over 40,000 service providers that handle service requests and more than 1,000 new communications companies appearing each year, running an efficient business is essential for company survival and competitive advantage.

Any service provider—large or small—must have a complete provisioning system in place to be a viable player in the telecom industry today. OSS Connect automates the service request process—improving internal efficiencies and decreasing customer turn up time.

OSS Connect automates the enitre order provisioning process, from order entry to error detection —and manages a complete order history. OSS Connect also manages e-bonding with trading partners and integrates easily into internal and external business systems.

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Network Optimization

CMP with Network Optimization Module

Network Engineering, Managament and Optimization made simple

Handling billions of calls each day, logging terabytes upon terabytes of data and making it all happen while maintaining quality of service is the daunting challenge service providers face, especially in light of dramatic growth in technology, multimedia services and consumer demand. To stay ahead, IT professionals need to monitor the network in real time to optimize service delivery.

CMP’s Network Optimization module enables IT staff to optimize network investments and efficiencies with enhanced visibility into network performance including real time and historical reporting and trend analysis. The result is the ability to streamline network performance and effectively plan for growth to support next-generation service offerings to customers.

Data Monitoring and Customized Reporting
One of the key elements of CTGi’s Network Optimization module is the CMP Dashboard, an easy-to-use monitoring tool that provides a near real-time window into regular processing status, traffic volume and quality control processes. The dashboard can be customized to show specific data views of interest based on monitoring needs.

In addition, CMP offers real time and historical reporting in pre-set formats, or the system can be customized to generate specific reports based on your definitions.

By monitoring network traffic in real time and analyzing detailed reports, balancing the network and troubleshooting become a greatly simplified process. CMPs Network Optimization module allows IT staff to anticipate and isolate network faults and avoid bottlenecks, call routing delays, trunk disconnections and unintentional hairpinning that degrade quality of service.

Trend Analysis
With network traffic information readily available, it becomes possible to dissect the data and analyze it in many different ways. This process can identify patterns in traffic suggesting routing and topology changes to optimize network efficiency. Likewise, ad hoc network studies are easy to implement and can facilitate expansion planning.

Data Storage
CTGi has its own storage facility, making it cost effective to store extensive amounts of data. The server architecture is designed with 4GB RAM and 16TB storage capacity to handle billions of records, manipulate the data and provide near real-time triggering and monitoring without external database dips. CTGi's storage solution is flexible and scalable, so your network data stays online, all the time.

The CMP Network Optimization module uses the highest industry standard security measures to enable enterprise use of CDR and Usage Data by authorized personnel only. The proactive monitoring and pattern analysis features also allow organizations to monitor potential high-risk behaviors and customize real-time alerts that are automatically sent out when anomalies are seen. Users can easily identify and fully understand sophisticated attacks, anomalies and security violations—both internal and external—on the network.

The advanced features and in-depth information generated by CMP's Network Optimization module give your organization a distinct competitive advantage in supporting new value-added services and driving new revenue streams that hinge on superior network performance management. But it it's what it does for your bottom line in cost savings and improved customer service that make the real difference every day.

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