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At the intersection of AI, Block chain, IOT and Digital Identity

Launch Your Enterprise with Coastal Technologies Group Inc

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Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, CNNs and Optimization

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Prototype Development

Rapidly Launch Your Company

Globalization concept

Security and Identity

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adfone provides wireless carriers and OEMs with a proven, zero cost, loyalty and monetization platform with greater ROI for advertisers

CTGi co-invested in and provided Artificial Intelligence Prototypes for Ad Placement leading to a successful funding round.



Improving lives with every connection.

CTGi provides our product OSS Connect (R) to Century Link, connecting CL to all of their telco trading partners while implementing the Access Service Request (ASR) and Local Service Request (LSR) standards.

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Choose Digital

Choose Digital offers a digital marketplace featuring content such as music, movies, TV shows, ebooks, and audiobooks.

CTGi co-invested in and provided an operational prototype in 3 weeks that allowed the purchase of digital content using American Airlines miles.   CTGi prototype lead to Series A.


Coastal Aviation

Revolutionizing Charter

CTGi developed and deployed  AI based optimization and routing platform for fleet operators of aircraft.



Your identity has never been more powerful.

Private & Secure Transactions Via Device Neutral Multi-Modal Biometrics

CTGi provides CTO and R&D services thru prototype and launch.

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MedAI advances the state of the art in personalized medicine.

CTGi co-invested and developed the prototype diagnostic application, providing CTO, CSO and R&D services.

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Members Car Club

Reverse Auction Car Buying Service

CTGi developed the operating platform and Initial Coin Offering for MCC



Cryptoasset Derivatives Exchange The blockchain solution for the $1.2 quadrillion derivatives market.

CTGi developed the operating platform and Initial Coin Offering for PXA.



Intelligent Data as a Service

CTGi developed the prototype security solution based on our pending IOT and global security patents.

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We assist clients with product and company launches,  delivering expert development services on a co-investment basis.

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